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-The Cleveland Metropolitan Area –


WHO:     Ohio Traveling Notary is Michael Mercer, he is certified by The Governor of The State of Ohio, to Notarize ANYTHING needing proof of identification. Ohio Traveling Notary and Michael Mercer are totally insured for Errors  and Omissions by The Merchants Bonding Company, Policy # OH10297.

WHAT:     Auto Titles, Legal Documents, Health Care Forms, Medicare Forms, Bank Forms, DNR’s, Wills, Powers of Attorneys, Leases, Affidavits, Applications, Oaths, Signings for Title Companies for Loans / Refinances and Mortgages. We notarize ANYTHING requiring a Notary Seal.

WHEN & CHARGES:     Generally available 24 hours per day; Weekdays, Weeknights, Weekends, Holidays and for Emergencies. BASIC CONVENIENCE SERVICE : $60.00 PLUS $5.00 per signature notarized, which is required by State Law. NO additional travel fee in the Metropolitan Area. We only accept cash and checks, payable at time of service. Business accounts are welcome, please call for specifics.

ADDITIONAL FEE:     Services after 8:00 pm Weekdays, Any Weekend, Any Holiday, and ANYWHERE Outside The Cleveland Metropolitan Area. Ask for specifics… CONTACT US  ANYTIME:   Call:   216-302-4797  or Email: OhioTravelingNotary@gmail.com

WHERE:     Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, Jails, Hotels, Public Locations. We go anywhere people can not leave and a State of Ohio Notary Public. Residences visited for Real Estate Signings ONLY!  Please set a meeting in a Public Location to meet with the Notary.

IMPORTANT NOTE:     POSITIVE ID IS REQUIRED BY STATE LAW. Government Issued or Work Identification MUST be presented BEFORE signingALL signatures MUST be done in the presence of the Notary. NO EXCEPTIONS!


A Notary for The State of Ohio is a Public Signing Agent and NOT a Legal Representative, we do NOT provide any legal advice. No opinion regarding any document’s content can or will be provided. We are expressly present to verify that the signer’s identification is true and the signer understands the document which they are signing, we do not discuss the document’s content.

There may be NO blank spaces on any form / document, which we are requested to notarize a signature on. Further ALL signings MUST be made in our presence AFTER positive identification is presented. DO NOT EVER sign anything before we arrive. All signings must be done by a person competent enough in our estimation, to understand the document or form, that is being signed.

Thanks for following these important procedures, as they are in place for YOUR protection and are declared by the laws of The State of Ohio.


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Corporate / Business Accounts WELCOME – Call for information